B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Expanding & Extending MATLAB Capabilities in Mechanical Analysis


MATLAB Ver6 and higher contain a finite element toolbox with special features like jiggle mesh, refine mesh & … . But problems must be defined by PDE equation factors which needs calculations; indeed,┬ámost of the times it is a time consuming job with the risk of errors in calculations. in this study a GUI is designed which gets the problem geometries by using lines, rectangles, circles and ellipses; it is possible to edit boundaries and then mechanical properties of the part are defined by user, the code converts data in a format usable for toolbox and automatically runs the toolbox and solves the problem.

GUI menus

Drawing GUI:

In below GUI, Geometry is defined. There are features like: Edit (to edit drawn geometries), Zoom All, Zoom Window.

GUI first menu

Condition GUI:

Forces, direction and location of them, restrains, and material properties are defined in this step.



GUI boundary conditions

Clicking on any border leads to appearance of the following window.

Force and restrains

To show “Force” dialogue box user can click on “Force” in the above window.

Force dialogue box

Material specifications would be defined after all restrains and forces are defined, by clicking on “>”.

Materail Specification GUI

Consequently, MATLAB PDE Toolbox is automatically appears showing result of numerical stress analysis on the given geometry.