Here are just few handpicks of my works in ODCC which I could share.

Area calculator for Typical Vessels

In this environment you can calculate typical equipments surface area. These kinds of equipments are very common in oil and gas industry and their surface area is frequently required during construction for different purposes (e.g. insulation MTO, project control, …).

Area calculator

You can tick parts which are available at the equipment and choose type of head and bottom (elliptical or spherical) from pull down menus.

Louver Systematic Simulation

In SARP an air-cooler louver did not function well to cover full range of open-close which was required by process design criteria; it was vendor responsibility to solve the problem but it was crunch time with strat-up and we could not just seat pretty till they arrive so we did the simulation for them before their visit to speed-up the remedial action. And help to move things faster.

Hand Wheel Automation

A conceptual solution to automate a pump wheel after employer’s variation order.