A study on Fusion 360

I spent about 4 hours to study Autodesk’s new CAM/CAM/CAE software, FUSION 360. After 15 years of modelling with SolidWorks, the first hour was so cumbersome that I was thinking about quitting the study for several times. However, after the first hour, it somehow became enjoying; specially, having all components in just one file and the cloud feature was amazing.

One of the great features of the software is A360 where you can share your model and review it with colleagues and costumers by sharing a link. the good thing is they do not need to install any extra software and can review and comment on the model on with their internet browser application either PC or mobile.

Here is the link to below model. You can also see the preview  of this model’s A360 link below this page.

Yes, all these stuff is learnt and created in less than four hours.

simple render
Simple Render
Ray Tracing
Clound Render
Cloud Render